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Shannon's Story

Shannon's love for horses started as soon as she was able to sit up. She was fortunate enough to grow up around her parents horses and mules. Also, Shannon's parents were good friends with Heidi Thompson, who would later have a huge impact on her life (Heidi pictured below with 1 year old Shannon). Shannon started riding lessons with Heidi when she was 8 years old and hasn't stopped since. 

When Shannon was 11 years old she received her first horse "Dun it on a Dime" AKA Mandi. Mandi had about 60 days of training put on her from her previous owner and Shannon picked it up from there. Mandi helped teach Shannon many new things and they eventually went on to try anything and everything. They competed in the lower levels of western pleasure, showmanship, reining, ranch horse classes, trail, trail trials, cowboy challenge, gymkhana, barrels, mounted shooting, team penning, etc.

Shannon's horsemanship skills grew through 4-H, lessons and shows. After high school, Shannon attended the Santa Rosa Junior College where she received her Associates Degree in Equine Science.


After graduating she landed a job as a loper at a cutting horse ranch called Wagon Wheel Ranch located in Fulton. There, she was introduced to a small portion of the cutting horse world. After a few months she was promoted to resident trainer of Wagon Wheel Ranch.

In 2015, Shannon attended an internship with Jenny Sherbo Performance Horses. At her internship she was able to learn more about barrel, cutting, and reining horses. She learned many new finishing touches to the performance horses along with learning to bring along the greener horses.

Returning home, Shannon established her own Training business where she has done anything from start colts, problem solve with horses that come with issues and give lessons to beginners and up. 

In May 2017, Shannon was invited to a colt starting clinic in Vernal, Utah by Wylene Wilson. The clinic was held for a week in July 2017. Shannon learned many new techniques to add to her toolbox about colt starting and problem horses.

In June 2018, Shannon decided to expand her knowledge and get certified through Animal Therapy Systems to be an Acuscope and Myopulse Therapist. Shannon completed a course in June 2018 to become certified to work on horses, then completed a course in July 2018 to become certified to work on dogs.

Shannon's thirst for knowledge has not stopped and in 2019 she completed an Equine Anatomy class through Equinology. She also attended an Equine Massage class and an Equine Myofacial Release class through Equinology to expand her knowledge.

On December 21, 2021 Shannon completed Molly Wells of Equinessence's "The Optimizing Equine Performance & Recovery Level 1 Online Series Course".

In 2022, Shannon stopped taking training horses and made helping horses through Acuscope and Myopulse Therapy her full time focus. 

In May 2023, Shannon completed Molly Wells of Equinessence's "The Optimizing Equine Performance & Recovery Level 2 Seminar".

In December 2023, Shannon attended an Acupressure course with Diana Thompson giving her a new skill to practice.  

Shannon is always looking to expand her knowledge so she can be the best she can to help each individual animal.

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