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Acuscope and Myopulse

"Shannon is a life saver! Her Acuscope Myopulse therapy has done wonders for my accident prone mare. She has treated everything from leg lacerations, swelling and sore muscles for her and gotten her healed and back to work faster! Seeing the reduction in swelling(kick wound) after one treatment is so impressive! I've noticed an improved topline, overall better movement and a MUCH happier horse. Can't thank Shannon enough!"



"My horses have had Acuscope and Myopulse treatments over the years. I have used to manage pain and to accelerate the healing process.

SL Horsemanship Acuscope and Myopulse treatments are different.  Shannon is professional, competent and calm with my horses; she customizes every treatment based upon the horses' physical needs every time.  One treatment maybe focused on a horse's sore back, and the next treatment will be an overall body health and wellness.  When an injury has happened, she is always available to make the time for customized repetitive treatments to expedite the healing of the wound. 

When my horse sees Shannon coming, she nickers and trots to her!  If that does not speak volumes, I do not know what does!

Shannon is as good as they get~"



"Recently we had a treatment done on a mare who had gotten caught up in a fence; Although she only had a small laceration there was a substantial amount of swelling in her leg. Less than 12 hours after the treatment the swelling had gone down so much, the bandaging had slid all the way down the leg."



Horse Training and Lessons

"Shannon is an amazing rider and a great trainer. She understands Horses and how they should perform. She's also a wonderful teacher with patiences and positive encouragement. I got lucky when I found Shannon"



"Shannon is very accomplished rider and has helped me work with several of my paints both in the saddle and on the ground as I have to many horses
She is wonderful with them and I'm am picky as they are my children."



"I have had the pleasure of watching this young lady as an intern with Jenny Sherbo Performance Horses. She is quiet calm and truly brings the best out of the horses she rides. I would highly recommend her."



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